An Ode to the Nostalgia-Filled Music of the 2000s



Hardcore night at the So36.

William Wren

With every decade style evolves, ranging from clothes, cars, and even hair. One of the most prominent gifts that each decade brings is its music.

The 2000s were a defining era in music. Twenty years after the year 2000, stores, clubs, and radio stations still proudly play the popular tunes from the decade, and many students will agree that long car rides aren’t complete without listening to a throwback playlist on Spotify. These aren’t just songs, they are childhood memories.

Alaynah Luttrul, a junior exercise science major, loves to share special moments with her sister with nostalgic throwback music in the background. Music has always played a big part in her family, whether it’s playing or listening to it.

“I love Britney Spears,” Luttrul said. “Specifically the song ‘Toxic’ because my sister and I love to dance to that. We danced to that song and ate cookie dough together today actually.”

Growing up in the 2000s shaped Luttrul’s music taste. While she has adopted new tastes in music throughout the years, she still loves the popular hits she listened to as a kid.

“I have some really great memories in the car with my dad listening to the Red Hot Chili Peppers,” Luttrul said. “Honestly, I still listen to the stuff I’ve listened to all my life.”

Kaylie Andrews, a sophomore mass communication major, also told stories of driving in the car and hanging around the house with her mom and having the Top 40 station on in the background.

“Throwback playlists are my favorite,” Andrews said. “They bring back so many good memories with mom growing up. I still play Usher all the time.”

Andrews adds that she feels the music today has evolved by becoming more focused on sending a message, rather than produced for pure entertainment.

“As our generation has grown into young adults, I feel like we’ve added to the need for our music to mean something,” Andrews said. “I feel like now we gravitate to people who are saying something important.” ranks musicians like U2, Beyonce, and Eminem among the most influential contributors to the music of the decade. While all from different genres, these artists are known for creating music that provokes social commentary and resonates deeply with the listeners’ personal life.

“I feel like I hear more empowering music about women,” Luttrul said. “I like listening to artists who have a strong social influence and say we don’t have to put up with that and we aren’t going to.”

Although the style of music is forever changing and new artists are constantly emerging, many artists such as Kanye West, Beyonce, and Jay-Z are still fan favorites and release popular songs.

Rolling Stones’ Angie Martoccio and others even cite thought-provoking artists like Taylor Swift and Lana Del Rey for their contributions to the pop genre alongside that of innovators such as Drake and Bruce Springsteen.