Will GC Accept this Rose?: The Bachelorette is Back


Kaitlin Eastin

GC students are reluctant to give their final rose to Season 16 Bachelorette, Clare Crawley, after tuning-in for the return of the beloved and hated show, the Bachelorette.

“I think the show is overrated, but it is such a train wreck and disaster that we keep watching,” said Lauren Cumming, senior philosophy major. “Every Tuesday night, you see on people’s stories that they’ve got their charcuterie boards and wine, ready to watch. It’s more of a social thing to watch and make fun of the show, I don’t think people watch it because it’s enjoyable.”

Cumming, a routine viewer herself, enjoys watching the bachelorette with friends, family and by herself. She enjoys watching the drama unfold as the show’s cocktail parties spiral into disaster.

This season, Cumming feels that Crawley has no respect for the show and its contestants. She blatantly ignores the rules, customs and procedures that have presided throughout all of Bachelor history.

Cumming sees Crawley’s crude bluntness as treating Season 16’s contestants disrespectfully.

“I don’t like Clare,” Cumming said. “She told the men, ‘You’re here for me, but I feel like you all don’t want to spend time with me,’ when it’s her job to make sure she spends time with all the men too. She’s there for them as well, and she is putting all the blame and pressure on them.”

Other GC students have noticed Crawley’s deflection of responsibility onto her contestants; many  believe it is because she’s already decided who will receive her final rose. Season 16’s viewership dropped 25% from its premiere to a 1.0 rating and 4.1 million total viewers this time around. For comparison, last season’s second episode only dropped off 8% from the premiere. Bachelorette fans suspect the production team behind the show questioned Crawley’s bad reception, potentially swapping her for previous Bachelor front-runner, Tayshia Harris.

“I predict that Clare is so in love with Dale, that I don’t know if they will be able to continue the season,” said Nick Brooks, junior marketing major. “She has fully committed herself and all of her time to Dale. It is kind of annoying because you just want to tell her that she’s in love with him, and to get it over with and go home.”

Brooks never watched the show until last year when his girlfriend convinced him to watch alongside her. He never understood its point, but as he continued to watch the season, he was drawn in by its captivating characters, drama and twists.

According to CreatorIQ, the Bachelorette’s audience is overwhelmingly female (91.2%) and 45.4% are between the ages of 25-34. But that doesn’t stop male viewers and college students alike from religiously watching each week.

Despite enjoying the show, Brooks doesn’t believe it produces successful, long-lasting relationships. To him, it’s not possible for the contestants to fall in love within two months and be ready to spend the rest of their lives together.

The journey of finding love through group dates, cocktail parties and advantageous trips to other countries is too unrealistic for some GC students to even watch.

“I think the show is absolutely, one-hundred percent overrated,” said Madelyn Cameron,senior political science major. “Most of my friends are obsessed with it, and I don’t understand; I don’t keep up with it, and I can’t keep up with them. I just really don’t care. I think people hype it up way too much and I am ready for everyone to move on past it.”

Cameron doesn’t find The Bachelor or Bachelorette interesting, but rather stupid and boring. She prefers to watch shows with more substance and meaning.

Whether GC students watch The Bachelorette or not, the show’s tears, drama and romantic gestures are eminent. Will Clare Crawley be the most disliked bachelorette? Will GC students continue to get their reality fix? Is it possible to find a successful, sustaining relationship on the show? According to host Chris Harrison, it’s all coming up next week, on The Bachelorette.