Superior Study Spots


Kaitlin Eastin

With many classes online this semester, GC students escape their household-classrooms and retreat to their favorite study spots around campus.

“When Blackbird is open, definitely Blackbird,” said Ashley Wooten, a senior mass communications major. “I have spent an unhealthy amount of time there over the past four years total. I am a senior now, so freshman through junior year I was there at least two or three times a week. I have bought a lot of coffee and spent a lot of time at Blackbird.”

The Blackbird Coffee shop, located in Milledgeville’s downtown district – adjacent to campus, offers students an urban atmosphere infused with the smell of coffee beans to study. Due to COVID-19 social distancing ordinances, the coffee shop recently suspended students from studying inside.

The temporary precaution does not dishonor Blackbird’s esteemed reputation. The only complaint GC students have with studying at this business, is their bad habits of buying too many coffees.

“I loved going to Blackbird because of the atmosphere plus when I see other people being productive, it makes me productive,” Wooten said. “I always want to be surrounded by people because it inspires me to be more hardworking. I have typed a lot of papers and done a lot of reading and studying in blackbird with an iced vanilla caramel.”

This semester, Wooten substitutes Blackbird Coffee with the front porch of her house. It is a calming, natural environment for her to complete her assignments and attend virtual class.

Other GC students find nature’s peacefulness and rejuvenation as a great location to study too.

“My favorite place to study on campus is the porch at Atkinson,” said Michala Hill, a junior accounting major. “It is really, really beautiful, and it is high up, so you don’t make awkward eye contact with the people walking by. You also get a bird’s eye view of campus. It is a really peaceful place to focus on your work.”

Hill appreciates the isolation, yet inclusivity the front porch of Atkinson offers. As a social distancing precaution, the college removed several of the porch’s rocking chairs, making the spot more reclusive.

At least two days a week, for hours on end, the Atkinson porch is Hill’s territory. She considers it her ‘hidden gem’ for studying and doing homework.

“The front porch of Atkinson is special to me because I am a business major,” Hill said. “Because of COVID we haven’t been able to really be inside of our typical buildings, so me studying on the porch gives me that Atkinson feel, even though I don’t have any classes there this year.”

Some GC students stick to the campus’ hallowed study spot this semester, Ina Dillard Russel Library.

“My favorite place to study on campus is probably the library,” said Madelyn Cameron, a senior political science major. “I like going and booking study rooms so I can be by myself and really concentrate.”

As Cameron prepares for the upcoming LSAT, she relies on the library to provide a quiet, focused environment. Being surrounded by other students studying and focusing motivates her to concentrate on her studies.

With classes online this semester, GC students move their classrooms to breezy front porches, prime campus overlooks and the sacred library.