Inside Look: The Luke Winstel Show


William Wren

Luke Winstel is an accomplished sports broadcaster and podcaster who interviewed professional athletes like Super Bowl champion Malcom Mitchell and commentated Mercer sports. A sophomore management major at GC, Luke Winstel’s career is only on the rise.

“I started when I was a freshman in high school,” Winstel said. “I got into my high school student webcast program.”

Winstel started doing the music for his high school basketball team in the fall his freshman year of highschool and then worked with the soccer team doing commentary in the spring.

“After that first taste, I would say after the spring when I’m getting into soccer, I’m like OK I’ve got a natural talent for this,” Winstel said. “I think there might be a future.”

He started by growing his skills through courses his school offered.

“I think it kind of came from the support from the community I was around in my high school,” Winstel said.

He started his career as a sports intern for CNN, as game day interviewer for the WNBA and a video production intern with the Atlanta Hawks. Immediately following these internships he started his current position commentating at Mercer.

“The idea that [broadcasting] is not really a perfectible skill drew me to it,” Winstel said. “I’m never going to call a perfect game but there’s always something there to challenge me.”

Winstel started a podcast with his cousin back when they were in high school. They began to realize that they could get enough listeners to start getting a paycheck from the show. They would often have people from local radio hosts and writers for the AJC. They called their show The Atlanta Sports podcast.

Succeeding the prosperity of The Atlanta Sports podcast, Winstel shifted focus from interviewing local radio hosts and writers for the AJC to athletes.

Winstel cited the Joe Rogan experience as an inspiration for ‘The Luke Wintstel Show.’ Having interesting guests and asking interesting questions like Rogan has shown the most growth. He says that he has seen good growth using this model but he is still trying to find what makes his show truly unique.

Winstel’s first guest was Brian Finneran, former Atlanta Falcon’s wide receiver, due to the fact he worked with Finneran’s son. After meeting former NFL player and college football coach Bill Curry, Winstel began to establish some real contacts. His work and training at CNN

helped him to establish strong interviewing and networking skills. Recently, Winstel interviewed Albert Haynesworth, 2008 Sporting News Defensive player of the year.

“For commentating I think working with a different school would be ideal,” Winstel said. “I really like Georgia Tech and the way they do things there.”

Winstel added that he is very attracted to the school’s growing program and overall culture. He feels that Mercer is a good fit for his skills and that he enjoys being able to intimately know the team he is commentating for.

“In terms of the Podcast I think really right now the independence and the creative control is allowing me to grow,” Winstel said. “Once I can really determine what makes my show what it is, hopefully the goal will be to draft some sort of contract where I have creative freedom but on an exclusive platform,”

The Luke Winstel show currently has 110,000 total listens across all podcasting platforms and Tik Tok, with over 30,000 views. The Luke Winstel Show is available on all platforms. Luke continues to commentate, both play by play and color, at GC and Mercer University for basketball, soccer and volleyball. Winstel loves every moment of his job and is excited for what his future holds.

“The big call is the most fun part of all of it,” Winstel said.